Earn Continuing Education Units



Educating users about our products was the cornerstone behind the Jeffrey Court University Series which is now the most popular tile education video series on YouTube with over 1 million minutes of watch time. Jeffrey Court University was so successful that we decided to turn up the lessons a notch by crafting a CEU.

Jeffrey Court has partnered with AEC daily and industry experts to build a course titled “The In’s and Outs of Decorative Tile & Stone.” It is recognized by numerous professional organizations and the best part is that it is hosted completely online! Thanks to AEC Daily’s robust platform that hosts educational forums, tests, and reports CEU’s electronically, our CEU is accessible anytime that you are!





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Feeling lost? Don’t know what product is right for you, or you would like to see physical samples? Well have no fear! We have a countrywide network of dealers and distributors who are dedicated to making your tile dreams come true! Find one today!


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