We are excited to release the latest edition of Chapter 17-Atlas. Known for its old-world charm and beautiful crackle glaze, Chapter 17-Atlas quickly became the go-to handcrafted ceramic lineup of Jeffrey Court’s chapter collections. The revamped version of Chapter 17 carries on the same old-world appeal and charm that is impossible to duplicate in mechanized factories. This updated version introduces a new field tile size and mosaic patterns that expand upon the theme of this collection.

The acclaimed 3” x 6”, 3” x 12” and 4” x 4” field tiles now have a new counterpart: a 5-3/16” x 9-1/8” elongated hexagon field tile. This transitional size and shape has the right scale for any installation looking to add geometric interest to an installation in concert with the charming crackle glaze.

The mosaic lineup in Chapter 17 received an upgrade. We are introducing two brand new mosaic shapes: Nu Oasis and The Canyons (8 total mosaics). Both new mosaic shapes are available in all four colorways we have grown to love: Cobblestone, Sand Bar, Riverwash and Spanish Moss. Nu Oasis is an elegant lantern shape, and The Canyons is a traditional 2” x 3” bar that has been tumbled to produce an antiqued effect.

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