Chapter 4 – Via is a re-imagination of Latin inspired traditional and hand-painted tiles. From inception, our aim was to create warm and inviting meeting spaces, outdoor lounging areas, and contemporary designs that pay homage to retro craftsmanship. True to that vision, Via is an authentically handcrafted terracotta line with many pieces made across the California border in Tecate, Mexico with our hand-painted designs made by true artisans in Los Angeles.

Chapter 4 – Via features several characteristics attributed to handcrafted terracotta tile. We designed each color to have an authentic, handmade look. Each field color is applied by hand with a brush and then hand rubbed with a varnish coating for a true to life patina.

Most stunning of all, Chapter 4 – Via offers a wide variety of hand-painted decorative elements. Each design is masterfully and meticulously applied by hand in Los Angeles. Available in a 3” x 3” or 5” x 5” pattern, the lineup includes 9 designs in 3 authentic colorways.

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