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Chapter 1 – Suite Glass

The all-new Suite Glass has been rebuilt from the ground up. A concerted effort was made to make Chapter 1 a unique, ground breaking glass tile and mosaic program, and we pulled out all the stops when it came to product design. Years of development, trial and error have delivered a glass collection whose main focus is artisan craftsmanship. View FAQs

Chapter 2 – Vintage Studio

Simply put, Vintage Studio represents the intersection between classic vintage style and progressive “out-of-the-box” thinking & design. Vintage Studio is the next evolution in ceramic tile, and that is the attitude Jeffrey Court encompassed when designing this collection to be “limitless.”

What is most exciting about Vintage Studio is it flips the high production ceramic tile market on its head. Vintage Studio maintains all of the competitive price points and consistency expected, as well as many design details usually found only in boutique hand crafted ceramic lines. View FAQs

Chapter 3 – Stream Stone

Known for its neutral color palette and understated contemporary flair, Chapter 3 Stream Stone has been a staple of the Jeffrey Court Chapter Series since 2010. The revamped Chapter 3 continues its inspiration drawn from contemporary Scandinavian style, and introduces subtle textures to the line. Perfectly combining neutral taupe and grey limestones with black and white marbles, Stream Stone creates both an inviting space and modern atmosphere. View FAQs

Chapter 4 – VIA

Chapter 4 is a re-imagination of Latin inspired traditional hand painted/crafted tiles. The name “Via” is the Latin word for “road,” or “by way of.” In this case Via came “by way of” merging our previous collections “Olde California” and “Antico Portuguese” into a more authentic Latin inspired line.

From inception our aim was to create: warm and inviting meeting spaces, outdoor lounging areas, and contemporary designs that pay homage to retro craftsmanship. True to that vision Via is an authentically hand crafted terracotta line with many pieces being made just across the California border in Tecate Mexico, and our hand painted designs being made by true artisans in Los Angeles. We like to think Via is the “road that has shaped one’s life” and this is certainly true as this line imparts a sentimental feeling of family gatherings and reminiscent fireside conversations. View FAQs

Chapter 5 – Studio Gazette

Chapter 5 – Studio Gazette collection is a beautifully curated matte-ceramic line that expands upon endless interior possibilities. Studio Gazette lends itself to design styles ranging from clean and sleek to retro-inspired design and is characterized by its simplicity. The color palette of this lineup is a cornerstone that includes popular hues derived from Chapter 2—Vintage Studio.

The versatility of this chapter is best noted by its ability to blend matte-ceramic options with accenting glass mosaics as well as accompanying trim and architectural mouldings. This chapter offers: four field tile sizes, two mosaic patterns, architectural mouldings, and trim pieces that are available in the matte-ceramic colorways. Two Glass mosaics options and a 1″ Hexagon mosaic also expand upon the theme of this collection. View FAQs

Chapter 6 – Nob Hill

The artistic flavor of San Francisco is showcased in this natural stone collection. Marble, honed field tiles and unusually-shaped mosaics are accented by metal decors and micro mosaic borders and patterns that appeal to the artist in all of us. View FAQs

Chapter 7 – Crossroads

Built upon the wildly successful crushed glass mosaics known as “mood glass,” We dug deep and looked into the successes of many of our other product lines to see how we can integrate them and make this line truly amazing. Now after more than three years of research and design we are excited to offer the newest version of Crossroads.

Sleek grey & taupe tones from Chapter 3 Stream Stone; A Subtle tan from Chapter 11 Align; Beautiful rustic quartz and slate shades from Chapter 9 Pietra Opus; Elegant whites from Chapter 16 Park Place, and an all new silk black known as “Midnight Marble” served to build the platform by which Chapter 7 Crossroads creates symmetry between crushed glass and natural stone.

Crossroads now boasts more than 13 crushed glass selections in two exciting patterns, a 1×2 offset brick, and modern dual stick pattern. What is most exciting about Crossroads is we have incorporated popular natural stone selections from our most sought-after natural stone collections creating limitless design possibilities. A beautiful compilation of seven natural stone colors is now masterfully combined with our crushed glass selections to create (28) beautiful mosaics, (7) 6×18 field tiles choices and (12) moulding elements. View FAQs

Chapter 9 – Pietra Opus

Pietra Opus has long been Jeffrey Court’s flagship rustic natural stone chapter and Pietra Opus II has taken this tradition to a whole new level. Long time favorites such as our renowned Fire & Ice Mosaics, and Stone/Glass Mixes now all have coordinating 4″ x 8″ Field Tiles, Crowns, and Domes making cohesive designs even easier! In addition, Pietra Opus II adds some modern flare to the warm inviting rustic shades of Slate and Quartz with our all new Empire, Sienna, and Matterhorn patters. For the all new Chapter 9 Jeffrey Court has selected a blend of gold, brown, and red onyx creating 12 new beautiful mosaics providing an even wider palette to design with. Pietra Opus is sure to satisfy any taste especially those seeking the elegant beauty of natural stone. View FAQs

Chapter 10 – Breakwater

Chapter 10 Breakwater Collection represents a departure from the traditional approach of product development at Jeffrey Court. For Breakwater we reached out to the Interior Design community to the well-respected Southern California-based designer Katerina Tana whom had recently launched her own textile collection, Katerina Tana Collection LOOM. She has now developed the stunning Breakwater Collection for us and it represents her passions: the ocean, fine linen, and crisp, clean design that will stand the test of time. View FAQs

Chapter 11 – Align

Some designs call for a clean, simple monochromatic look. The beautiful neutral color palette combined with the honed surface of all Chapter 11 Align elements adds a touch of luxury to any installation. The limestone color “Pale” features a very clean, bright consistent color with minimal visible veins. When a bit more warmth is desired, use the “Shadow” color which features slightly darker tones with moderate shade variation and a touch of visible veining. The “Suede” marble has significant white veining which imparts a beautiful soft feel to the grey toned stone. View FAQs

Chapter 12 – Ashland & Halsted

Chapter 12 Ashland & Halsted is by far our most ambitious collection ever released, and an absolute work of passion. For years we have been brainstorming on what “Industrial Chic” means and how it can be translated into tile. Drawing on inspiration from the hay day of American industry, we focused on what we felt were elements that best represented that era: Strength, Craftsmanship, and Pride. It soon became apparent that the acclaimed Central Manufacturing District of Chicago was the culmination of this piece of Americana. The name, “Ashland & Halsted,” are two streets running parallel to each other that tape off the 35th Street and Pershing Road corridor where industry titans from the early 1900’s once called home.
View FAQs

Chapter 14 – Duality

Chapter 14 Duality has a split meaning. It represents the contrast of its main elements; stone & glass, as well as the shape and make up of the mosaics themselves. Much like “Yin & Yang” Chapter 14 has a split personality. Cool smooth glass is coupled with warm rugged stone.

Duality boasts more than 16 glass/stone mosaic selections in two exciting patterns, a random stick (Trifecta Pattern), and modern stacked brick (Perfecta Pattern). Duality continues the cross merchandising initiative we began with the reveal of Chapter 7 Crossroads in December of 2013. It incorporates popular natural stone selections from our most sought-after natural stone collections creating limitless design possibilities. View FAQs

Chapter 15 – Classic Statuario

A beautiful, 100% natural stone marble collection, Classic Statuario is the name of the precious marble used to create some of the world’s most famous statues in Northern Italy. Romanesque in appearance, Classic Statuario is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, entryways and more where a sophisticated, yet light and airy design is desired. View FAQs

Chapter 16 – Park Place

Chapter 16 Park Place is a tribute to New York, a great American city continuously at the center of design and fashion. At the heart of Chapter 16 Park Place are 23 spectacular mosaics that evoke memories of the glamour days of the Roaring Twenties. The blue, grey, and tan polished chips set against clean honed white fields add just the right touch of sparkle and panache. View FAQs

Chapter 17 – Atlas

Atlas is a hand-crafted crackle ceramic line with some exciting new surprises. Offered in this collection comprised of four beautiful colors are: four beautiful mosaic patterns, three field sizes (3×12, 3×6, 4×4), and three moulding pieces appropriately named after Atlas terms.

Similar to our previous Chapter 17 Irish Ice, the all new Atlas collection is a hand-crafted crackle ceramic line; however, the crackle finish is where the similarities end. Atlas was created from the ground up with a keen attention to detail and a balance between traditional and contemporary design, which truly sets Atlas apart. View FAQs

Chapter 18 – Mozart’s Mosaics

Jeffrey Court plays tribute to Mozart with the classic, micro mosaic stone designs found in Chapter 18 – Mozart’s Mosaics. Classic in color, shape and design, this beautiful stone offering will add timeless elegance and sophistication to any interior. View FAQs

Specialty Collection – Ledger Stone

Add breathtaking beauty to any installation with Jeffrey Court’s Ledger Stone natural stone panels. Random, various-sized pieces of 100% natural stone are carefully selected and then bonded together, creating 6″ x 24″ panels that fit together perfectly. Convenient corner panels are featured for natural stone designs that require perfect 90% angles. Available in four color ways. View FAQs

Specialty Brick Collection

Our new Specialty Brick collection boasts a truly unique, yet functional approach to modern-industrial design. Its blends create consistent variations that accomplish a realistic brick look made from durable European porcelain. Our focus with this porcelain brick was to expand our healthy lineup by offering the beauty of exposed, rustic brick famously associated with modern, industrial, loft design. View FAQs

East Coast Warehouse (3PL Location)

Here you will find all of the facts about our exciting new East Coast warehouse. . View FAQs

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