Chapter 16 – Park Place

What makes Chapter 16 Park Place a unique offering in the Jeffrey Court list of Chapters?

A major decision was made to develop an “up-market” stone Chapter for our dealer business.    With this in mind, our creativity and imaginations gravitated toward a “New York state of mind” – a city well known on the global stage for being design and fashion forward.

Chapter 16 Park Place appropriately honors this great American city with names like Times Square, Wall Street, Terrace on the Park, Madison, Grand Central, Lexington, Gapstow, and Manhattan.  The clean elegant lines and neutral color schemes are in step with modern Empire State design trends. Meanwhile, the delicate polished stonework found in this new Chapter is sophisticated, elegant, timeless and reminiscent of opulence found during the Roaring Twenties.

What are the key features of Chapter 16 Park Place?

The dominant color way of Chapter 16 Park Place is a very simple and timeless honed white marble with minimal earth toned veining.  Linear straight edged 3” x 9” and a 3” x 6” micro-beveled field tiles (Wall Street White) anchor this collection.

The glamour element of Park Place is found in its selection of nine hand assembled mosaic patterns. With a fusion of classic and contemporary styles, each mosaic sheet is a true work of artisan quality.   Sparkling polished dots of Carrara (Grey), and Botticino (Empire Beige) subtly contrast against the honed white field color.  It is important to note that the beautiful blue dots (Manhattan Sky) are made from the very rare Azul Macauba stone which does not take as high a polish.

In keeping with our customers’ expectations, Park Place includes an amazing assortment of liners, corners, crowns, and domes.  Truly striking installations are assured with Chapter 16.

Where can this collection be used?

Chapter 16 Park Place is primarily designed for interior wall use. Kitchen & bath walls, backsplashes, feature walls, or any other interior wall space where typical wall tiles are used. However, there are some products within Chapter 16 that can be used in a variety of interior applications. Please reference the application chart for exact usage recommendations.

How is Chapter 16 Park Place merchandised?

8 Montage Boards, 28 Touch Boards, and 22 sample cards display the full breadth of the product line. All these point-of-purchase materials are augmented by the 16-page Chapter 16 Park Place catalog. Showroom installation and loose sample pieces can also be ordered at a discounted price.

Are there any special design or installation tips for Chapter 16 Park Place?

Park Place is centered on clean design and subtle contrast with a hint of “glam.”  The beautiful white honed stone tiles are subtly accentuated by delicate shimmering polished chips that present finish contrasts. In order to create a consistent eye-catching shimmer, we suggest including cross or down lighting during the design process.  The jewel-like polished finish of the mosaic chips really sparkle against the honed white background.  Also incorporating as much natural light as possible into a Park Place setting will accentuate the intricate micro mosaic element which is the special feature of this series.

As for installation tips, the first step we recommend is to appoint a journeyman tile setter who has experience setting natural stone.  Simply put, Chapter 16 Park Place requires the expertise of a qualified and detail oriented mechanic.  This will ensure that the investment made to procure this product is also teamed with a proper installation.

All of the Chapter 16 elements must be installed using a high quality WHITE polymer modified thin-set.  Make sure to follow the instructions per the manufacturer’s specifications.  The proper notched trowel is required to compensate for some minor thickness variations on the field tiles that are possible with this natural semi-calibrated product.  The tight joints contained in Chapter 16 also require the use of NON-SANDED white grout.  Contrasting grouts are not recommended.

Sealing stones before grouting and after installation and as a routine maintenance program is highly recommended.  This is particularly true in wet areas such as showers and on backsplashes, especially behind a stove. Again, make sure to follow the instructions for use per the manufacturer’s specifications.

The seamless effect of the Metropolitan, Subway, and Terrace on The Park mosaic patterns is the result of a very tight fitting assembly.  The hydration of the setting materials can cause these materials to darken as there is little open area for the moisture in the setting material to escape. The light color will normally return after a day or two once the setting material has thoroughly dried.

We strongly recommend using blue painters tape to hold the polished dots in place as the mosaics set (usually 24 hours) – especially on vertical walls. It is also highly recommended to purchase extra dots as these tiny pieces can get separated from the sheets if the mosaics are not handled with care.

As with all natural stones, Jeffrey Court highly recommends laying out the project before beginning installations to ensure the best blending and visual appeal.

Some of the products in this collection require special care during installation. Go to for video installation tips that pertain to the Metropolitan, Subway & Terrace on the Park mosaics patterns. Detailed instruction sheets can be downloaded below.


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