Chapter 5 – Studio Gazette

What makes Chapter 5 – Studio Gazette a unique offering in the Jeffrey Court list of chapters?

Studio Gazette is a machine-made, four color matte ceramic line that also features chic retro inspired glass elements. We consider this matte ceramic line a cousin to our Chapter 2 – Vintage Studio collection as it borrows some of its well-known design traditions, hues, and classic style of Vintage Studio with its own unique assortment of field tile and mosaics offerings.

Q: What are the key features of Chapter 5 – Studio Gazette?

The color palette of Chapter 5 – Studio Gazette is the cornerstone of this collection. Colors include: Matte Starry White, Matte Crisp Linen, Matte Mountain Mist, and Matte Enchanted Shadow. This lends Studio Gazette to creating sophisticated neutral backdrops. The hues, shapes and matte finish adapt to interior design styles ranging from Mid-Century Modern to Contemporary. A key feature of Chapter 5 – Studio Gazette is the wide variety of field tiles offered in this collection. They are: a 5-1/4” x 9” hex, 3” x 6”, 3” x 12”, and 6” x 12”. In conjunction to the ceramic field tile offerings, there are three ceramic mosaic shapes also offered. They are: Icon, Retro, and a 1” hexagon mosaic. Icon provides a subtle, yet impactful geometric interest created by its repeating trapezoid pattern. The Retro Mosaic makes an impact with its two points of interest when installed: the ceramic chips (which are reminiscent of vintage TV tubes) and the starburst pattern created by the grout joints. The 1” hexagon mosaic lends itself to traditional installations with subtle geometric interest and is ideal for a shower pan floor. Icon and Retro are available in all four field colors, whereas the 1” hexagon mosaic is only available in Crescent White. Another stunning feature of Chapter 5 is the two glass mosaic shapes offered in this collection. They are Hue Stack and Petal. Hue Stack’s focus is the combination of color and a subtle texture reminiscent of retro elements whereas the Petal Mosaic imparts a Bohemian handcrafted feel. Both glass mosaic shapes are available in two color options that blend well with the field colors of this collection. As always, Jeffrey Court has included an assortment of architectural mouldings and trim pieces to make Chapter 5 – Studio Gazette a well-rounded program.

Where can this collection be used?

Please see the application chart for an item-by-item listing of recommended product usage.

Are there any special design or installation tips for Chapter 5?

The 3” x 6”, 3”x 12”, and 6” x 12” can all be installed stacked, offset, in a herringbone pattern, or even mixed to create a custom pattern. This array of options from the field tiles offered in Chapter 5 were curated to expand the boundaries of creative possibilities. In addition to the ceramic field tiles, Studio Gazette features an assortment of ceramic mosaics available in all four field colors as well as retro inspired glass mosaics. These mosaics can create a point of emphasis when used in conjunction with the available field options or as a standalone feature installation. Something that is unique to Chapter 5 – Studio Gazette is our “Ramp Edge” pieces. These pieces can be used in substitution to a bullnose piece to finish off the edge of an installation. If your design requires traditional bullnose pieces, they are also available as a 3” x 6” Single Bullnose and a 3” x 3” Double Bullnose Chapter 5 – Studio Gazette has less shade variation in comparison to our handcrafted lines. However, we strongly recommend laying out and blending the tiles prior to installation. This step will ensure a proper color blend in order to achieve a classic look for your installation.

How can I merchandise Chapter 5 – Gazette?

The full product line is supported by 6 Montage Boards, 13 Touch Boards, 2 Designer Boards, and 17 Sample Cards. Designer Board “A” shows the ceramic color palette utilizing 3” x 6” field tiles, whereas Designer Board “B” displays the available ceramic field tile sizes, architectural moldings, and trim pieces. These Point-of-Purchase materials are accompanied by a 12-page catalog that serve as a visual representation of the complete line as well as a source of inspiration. Showroom installation and loose sample pieces can be ordered at a discounted price.


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