Chapter 6 – Nob Hill Tiles

Why did you name Chapter 6 Nob Hill?

Nob Hill has been noted for nearly 150 years as an “exclusive” area of fine homes in the city of San Francisco. The “rich and famous” lived on Nob Hill and, along with their money and egos, were grand homes worthy of their stature. The names we used in this chapter – Huntington, Crocker, and Stanford were but a few of the powerful men with strong ties to the “Bay Area”. These individuals were railroad and oil tycoons, bankers, a governor, and had a University (whose name you can guess) named after them. Nob Hill denotes classic quality and good taste.

What are the key features of Chapter 6 Nob Hill?

  • Chapter 6 Nob Hill is an all-stone and metal offering that contains three color ways: Crocker Gold, Huntington White, and Stanford Beige. Along with the field tiles come an array of mosaics and decorative strips mounted on mesh. The color variation between pieces is especially attractive with Crocker Gold and Stanford Beige. Embrace this feature as it makes the installations look natural, adds warmth and character, and makes accessorizing easier. Huntington White also has some variation, but substantially less than the other two colors.
  • Also featured in Nob Hill are beautiful “etched” tiles and borders available in all three colors that are stunning when lit by directional light.
  • Finishing the offering are three different colored metallic-type pieces in several linear and “spot” designs that coordinate wonderfully with the stone.
  • Lastly, there are very affordable architectural natural stone mouldings available in all three stone colors.
  • Where can this collection be used?

    Chapter 6 Nob Hill can be used virtually anywhere in residences – floor and wall. It can also be used on commercial floors in medium duty use. The metalized accent tiles and mouldings tiles can be used on all vertical applications including shower areas. We do not recommend using the iron rustic elements in wet areas.

    Are there any special design or installation tips for Chapter 6 Nob Hill?

    Consider using Chapter 6 on kitchen backsplashes and bath/powder room floors counters and walls. The 3″x6″ brick pattern when used with the architectural mouldings produce a classic look and work wonderfully with both white and dark cabinets.

    The Stanford Beige has coloration that can accommodate mountain “retreats” or seaside bungalows. Crocker Gold is simply elegant with shades of honey and melon to maple that look marvelous with medium colored cabinetry and wood floors.

    Due to the assortment of decorative elements contained in this Chapter, particularly striking installations are possible when several components are used together. Consider utilizing the field tiles with two-toned mosaics separated by mouldings or in a picture frame format to increase the visual affects. Victorian, Classic, Retro, Rustic and Contemporary design installations are possible with this material.

    We recommend that you seal all natural stone with a high quality penetrating sealer prior to grouting and after grouting to prevent staining. Also, there are stone enhancers from several manufacturers that “enhance” stone and give more dramatic results. An ongoing maintenance program is essential for all stone installations.

    We have designed Chapter 6 Nob Hill to have color variation. The Stanford Beige is the most “rustic” in coloration, with the Crocker Gold a close second. The Huntington White has the least amount of color variation. However, you can find grays and soft almond hues also in this selection, which are quite appealing.

    We recommend that you lay out the tiles prior to installation to create the blend of the different hues and colors the stones provide naturally, to create a beautiful natural stone design.

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