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Glass Mosaics: CHAPTER 7 Crossroads
Glass Mosaics: CHAPTER 8 Facets

Glass Mosaics

Glass mosaics offer sparkle and glamour to water features, pools, showers, tub surrounds, kitchen backsplashes and a variety of home décor options. The decorative glass mosaic sheets and medleys featured in these Jeffrey Court chapters are designed to work beautifully on their own or in combination with other Jeffrey Court natural stone and ceramic chapters.

Our variety of glass mosaics offers a brilliant solution for any design criteria and ranges from tumbled glass squares and rounds to frosted glass with metal accents. All glass mosaics are emulsified color-thru body for intense color resolution and brilliance. Many of the glass mosaic designs have a metallic or iridescent finish that will add unique characteristics to enhance any upscale design.