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Natural Stone Mosaics: CHAPTER 3 Stream Stone
Natural Stone Mosaics: CHAPTER 6 Nob Hill
Natural Stone Mosaics: CHAPTER 9 Pietra Opus
Natural Stone Mosaics: CHAPTER 15 Statuario
Natural Stone Mosaics: CHAPTER 18 Mozart's Mosaics

Natural Stone Mosaics

Natural stone mosaics add a level of design sophistication to each of Jeffrey Court's natural stone chapters. Among the natural stone mosaic designs are multicolored natural stone mosaic medleys, natural stone micro mosaics and exquisite natural stone mosaic patterns ranging from octagon to diamonds. Finishes are available in both rustic and polished and make the natural stone mosaics a perfect complement to any of the natural stone selections.

Among the selections of natural stone mosaics are borders, corners and sheet mosaics with spectacular designs that are uniquely Jeffrey Court.

A beautiful array of Natural Stone Tiles, ranging from 12" x 12" honed marble Natural Stone Tiles to 18" x 18" rustic edge travertine Natural Stone Tiles, can be viewed throughout the accompanying natural stone floor tile chapters in this product category.