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Terra Cotta Tiles: CHAPTER 4 Antico Portuguese
Terra Cotta Tiles: CHAPTER 13 Olde California

Terra Cotta Tiles

Terra cotta tiles are the most eco-friendly of all the Jeffrey Court tile chapters. Only water, clay and fire are used in the manufacturing process, making our terra cotta very environmentally friendly. Terra cotta tiles are ideal for maintaining a comfortable room temperature. The porous nature of the material makes the terra cotta tiles cool in summer and gives them the ability to retain heat in winter, creating a natural balance for any room.

Featured in Chapter 4, Antico Portuguese and Chapter 13, Olde California, terra cotta tiles are perfect for rustic designs that exemplify an "old world" look. Available in Handpainted, glazed and in unglazed terra cotta tile pavers, these distinctive terra cotta tiles will capture the beauty of the Spanish Colonial style.