11 - Align

The word Align captures the essence of Chapter 11 perfectly. One definition for the word “align” is related to symmetry “to be placed in a line”, with another being “to bring components or parts into a desirable coordination.”

Jeffrey Court’s design objective with Chapter 11 Align is to bring forward clean linear lines and shapes. All Chapter 11 stone finishes are honed to a smooth satin surface that compliments the simple design elements.

Chapter 11 Align features eight distinctive mosaic patterns assembled in a clean, minimalist style. Three patterns come in monochromatic color(s), and the remaining five patterns are offered in beautiful multicolor blends.

The two fields tiles are offered in both a linear 3″x10″ bar tile and a very eye catching 6″x 8″ diamond. As with all of our collections, Chapter 11 Align has all the necessary decorative tiles, mouldings, and domes to make any installation a resounding success.

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