5 - Elegant Tones

The name “Elegant Tones” is definitely an applied component of Chapter 5. Our designer Megan Weintraub developed a palette of six timeless color hues that work perfectly with a soft matte glaze.

One of Chapter 5’s key strengths is its design versatility. In fact, Chapter 5 is by far our most versatile hand-crafted ceramic line to date. The collection comes in a variety of field sizes; 2×6, 3×6, 2×12, 3×12 and a unique 6×8. See Megan’s attached pattern guide (in FAQs) to see how to create over 40 individual patterns using these shapes and sizes!

In addition to the wide selection of ceramic field components in this chapter, Jeffrey Court created a unique “retro” stacked glass mosaics, known as Hue Stack mosaics, pair wonderfully with the linear ceramic shapes and colors. Also offered in ceramic format are two ceramic mosaic blends that have been a big hit in Chapters 17 and 10. To complete the line, Chapter 5 also includes a variety of: domes, crowns, and bullnoses.

Check out this newest collection from Jeffrey Court today!

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