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The all-new Suite Glass has been rebuilt from the ground up. A concerted effort was made to make Chapter 1 a unique, ground breaking glass tile and mosaic program, and we pulled out all the stops when it came to product design. Years of development, trial and error have delivered a glass collection whose main focus is artisan craftsmanship.

Each and every mosaic begins life as molten glass hand poured and pressed into one of four distinctive shapes: 5/8” Hex, 3/4” Penny Round, “Droplet,” and a “Beveled Elongated Hex.” Color and finishing techniques are then applied to give each color-way (Diamond, Champagne, Hazel, and Silhouette) it’s own unique personality and bespoke flair.

In total, Chapter 1 Suite Glass now boasts a healthy lineup of over 20 mosaics, created by six mosaic shapes in 11 unparalleled color offerings. This of course is augmented by eight 3” x 6” field tiles in complementary colors, with corresponding pencil liners for use as transition and finishing pieces.

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