January 30, 2018

The All-New Chapter 18 – Rotunda Collection Has Arrived!

Welcome to the Rotunda. We are proud to share one of the most ambitious yet classic chapters Jeffrey Court has designed to date.

This new chapter features high-quality stones inspired by the richly loved designs found in state capitals and national monuments throughout the United States. Rotunda has a clean and crisp color palette featuring the predominant use of honed Dolomite accessorized with polished Nero Marquina, polished Calacatta Gold, and honed Tunisian Grey limestone.

Rotunda is composed of 11 beautiful mosaics. Nine of the mosaics are natural stone while the remaining two encompass a blend between natural stone and porcelain. A natural beauty, these stone mosaics include the clean-cut Saint Paul, Olympia, and Baton Rouge mosaics. All of which have detailed beaded elements that outline their shapes. The Augusta, Montpelier, and Juneau mosaics are composed of repeating patterns made from intricately placed ⅜” natural stone chips with a pattern range from geometric to modern yet traditional design. This luxurious collection also includes a ⅜” Composition mosaic as well as our blended natural stone & porcelain mosaics: Hartford & Montgomery.

There are three field sizes including a linear 3″ x 10″, a transitional  8″ x 12″, and a rather distinct hexagon field. Each is available in the four natural stone colorways offered in Rotunda.  

If you’re on the lookout for architectural mouldings that serve as a great transition, trim, or finishing piece, Rotunda offers a crown and dome moulding to round out this themed chapter. Explore the nuances and enjoy falling in love with this beautiful collection.

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