September 10, 2014

East Coast Warehouse

I am very excited to finally say HELLO EAST COAST! We have officially established a secondary warehouse and shipping location in Allentown, PA. This new base of operations will help to expedite transit times, and reduce shipping costs to our customers east of the Mississippi River.

Our warehouse is serviced by Nexus, a third party logistics location (3PL) and supported by our Norco, CA location. Essentially large transfers of product will be shipped to and stored in Allentown, PA based on regional sales rates. Nexus will then be responsible for: storing, picking, packing, and shipping orders to our East Coast customers. All orders processed out of Allentown will have a 5% 3PL charge added to them in addition to our standard packing and pallet charges.

On 9/15/2014, we will begin shipping our ceramic collections from our Allentown, PA location. This includes: Chapters: 2-Vintage Studio, 5-Elegant Tones, 10-Breakwater, and 17-Atlas. In ramping up operations on the east coast, we decided to begin with our most competitive and price sensitive products, ceramics. We then anticipate transferring our more popular, stone and glass chapters beginning some time in 2015.

Since our entire line of products will not be immediately available in Allentown. Your Customer Service Representative (CSR) will coordinate from which warehouse to ship. The criteria for choice is:

Your personal preference: Delivering personal service is our goal, so you hold the keys. If you prefer to have all orders consolidated and shipped from Norco, CA only, we can do so. Talk it over with your CSR, and we will tailor a shipping program that really works for you.

Shipping Costs and Transit times: Our goal first and foremost is to save you time and money so we will look at the order and determine the best warehouse(s) to ship your orders from. In some cases it just may make sense to ship the entire order from Norco, Allentown, or both.

In either case, a shipping confirmation will be sent to you. Whether it is an LTL shipment, or a parcel carrier such as FedEx, the shipping location will be listed on your order confirmation. If it is not in-line with your preference, please let us know immediately.

It all boils down to figuring out the best way to service our customers and making Jeffrey Court the first choice in decorative tile. The decision to open an East Coast Warehouse came after considering a lot of feedback. We found one of the biggest hurdles to the sale of our products was the shipping costs and transit time; thus making us less competitive. So the choice was an easy one: “Let’s do what’s right by the customer, and the rest will work itself out.” Jeffrey Court strives to provide excellent products, customer service and value to our customers. This was just one piece that made vast improvements in all three goals, so the East Coast Warehouse was born.

I sincerely hope you are as excited as we are, and look forward to closely working with you as we ramp up our East Coast operations. For more information, please reference: the FAQ’s, video below, or contact your CSR for details.



Steve Woodward
General Manager