Design Nationals

September 30, 2016

From Flood to Fab—A New York Bathroom Reno Success Story

Congratulations to Liz Weingart—Best of the Best competition finalist.

When we launched our Best of the Best competition in May, we set out on this venture in order to create a friendly competition showcasing the design skills of Jeffrey Court dealers, distributors, and showrooms. Recently, however, we received an entry from Liz Weingart, a former investment banker and marketer from New York who submitted a stunning entry featuring her bathroom renovation. Despite having no previous experience in tile or design, Weingart was forced to learn about design when her upstairs neighbor’s toilet overflowed into her unit while on a business trip in California.

“The neighbor’s toilet overflowed for 10-hours. He flushed it before he left to work. The flood was coming down and destroyed everything. It was very upsetting. But I turned it around and said, ‘This is an opportunity to create my dream bathroom,’” Weingart said in reflection of the nightmare scenario.

Despite her insurance company reimbursing only the financial equivalent of the tile that was installed pre-flood, Weingart made the choice to go all out by designing her dream bathroom which included creating a clean and classic space—a design that might be found in a Miami hotel. Here are the before and after pictures:


While enduring 3 days of water treatment to her home’s walls, waiting 8 days to complete the renovation project, as well as experiencing a rigorous design learning curb, Weingart is pleased with the outcome. In fact, she took her story to social media which immediately got picked up by Houzz and resulted in hundreds of comments and inquiries.

“I looked everywhere. I went everywhere—I went to all of the high-end showrooms in New York City. I really liked your ramp edge tile because it let’s the horizontal pattern stand out—it was a really big selling point,” added Weingart in elaborating about her experience with Jeffrey Court tile.

The challenge of designing a small bathroom is making the best use out of every inch. Every detail is important—especially considering New York’s strict building code which requires proper spacing of a bathroom’s elements. Weingart also chose to go with the more traditional, horizontal layout which provides a classic ambiance instead of vertically arranging the tile. The 3″ x 12″ Mountain Mist field tile with a matching ramp edge from Jeffrey Court’s Chapter 2—Vintage Studio delivers a bright, spacious, and finished environment.


“All my friends, they come in and they say, ‘Oh, I love this tile!’ They notice the color because it’s stunning. The renovation was the biggest challenge I’ve ever been up against but I was very happy to find Jeffrey Court in that equation,” said Weingart in reflection of the process.

The end result exceeded Weingart’s expectations who now follows Jeffrey Court’s Facebook page in order to gain inspiration for her next endeavor—a kitchen renovation project. This time, however, Weingart looks forward to initiating the renovation process.

Our Best of the Best campaign is a competition highlighting user submitted entries of Jeffrey Court tile installations. It is an opportunity for Dealers, Distributors, and Showrooms to showcase their best work to see if it ranks amongst our Best of the Best. To submit an entry, visitwww.JeffreyCourt.com/BestOfTheBest or use the hashtag #JCIBOB on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.