November 16, 2015

Jeffrey Court releases its most ambitious collection, Chapter 12 Ashland & Halsted

NORCO, CA (December 2, 2014) – – Drawing on inspiration from the heyday of American industry, Jeffrey Court has released its most ambitious collection ever, Chapter 12 Ashland & Halsted. For years, Jeffrey Court has been brainstorming on what “Industrial Chic” means and how it can be translated into tile. In the development of this all ­new collection, Jeffrey Court focused on the elements that best represented that era: Strength, Craftsmanship, and Pride. It soon became apparent that the acclaimed Central Manufacturing District of Chicago was the culmination of this piece of Americana. The name, “Ashland & Halsted,” are two streets running parallel to each other that tape off the 35​ Street and Pershing Road corridor where industry titans from the early 1900’s once called home.

“Every great collection always has a cornerstone, and for Chapter 12 it is the “Lava Stone” elements. A unique process exclusive to us, each mosaic, field tile and trim piece starts off as a raw piece of basalt. It is then cut, meticulously glazed and fired, creating an organic and uncompromising color pallet that preserves all of the saw cuts and character of the stone underneath. Available in three colorways: Reclaimed, Galvanized, and Cast Iron, the 24 mosaics, three field tiles and trims are sure to create a ‘never­ before ­seen’ installation,” added Frank Toms, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Trade & Architectural Division.

Available in this collection are four traditional 1­Inch hexagon mosaics as well as the “Hour Glass” and “Industrie Glass” mosaics. Comprised of recycled glass hand­poured into their respective shapes, they gleam of industrial personality. Hour Glass has a metallic foil fused into the glass creating a magnificent, unmatched sheen, whereas the appeal of Industrie Glass character is derived from its unique texture.

For those seeking a differentiating feel, Jeffrey Court’s “District Brick” certainly delivers. Measuring 2­1/4” x 7­3/4”, this hand­crafted white body ceramic is formed to take on the shape of rustic brick. Glazed in three gloss and two metallic colors. The District Brick is just begging to become a feature wall or backsplash that will drop jaws. Jeffrey Court’s “Yesterday’s Glass” offers the look of an aged mirror that tells stories of generations past and is available in a 3” x 6” and 6” x 18” format.

All these point­ of­ purchase materials are augmented by the 20 ­page Chapter 12 Ashland & Halsted catalog. Showroom installation and loose sample pieces can also be ordered at a discounted price.