Just Being Frank

August 26, 2016

Just Being Frank…

A brief tale about teaching a semi-old dog new tricks.

One of our largest challenges at Jeffrey Court has always been getting good photography. According to my counterparts in the industry, we are not alone in our quest to gaze upon our amazing products shining brightly in-situ.

Our very energetic and tech-savvy marketing team hit me with an idea early this year: “Let’s have a contest and give away an iPad Pro as an incentive for sending in good photos.” Heck, I didn’t even know there was a Pro version of an iPad.

My initial reaction was, “Been there, done that. We will get half a dozen usable pictures at best from the consummate Jeffrey Court fans out there and that’s about it.” The semi-old dog hath spoken…

Our team convinced me that a dedicated “boots on the ground” effort via our sales reps buttressed by the marketing department utilizing social media will make all the difference. I said, “OK, fine. Let’s give it a go. Just keep it simple, PLEASE.” The semi-old dog gives up a bit of territory…

Beginning in May and through October, each month we select one “Best Entry” from the pool of images sent in.  The final winner will be crowned by our customers and design community via an online poll with the winner to be announced in December. Simple enough for me. Even sounds fun.

We started in May with only one entry submitted. The semi-old dog told you so…

Based on the entries that came in last week, we are on a 20-entries per month pace and the number per week is growing. The semi-old dog just got schooled.

I am so impressed with the pictures we have received. There is so much talent out there! We are all tickled to see our products installed in beautiful spaces. This whole exercise has been a very good reminder that our products make people happy.

Did I mention that there is also a second and third prize that will make two more folks very happy around the holidays?

To learn more about the Best of the Best campaign, either contact your Jeffrey Court salesperson or your customer service rep.

Submit your entry at www.jeffreycourt.com/bestofthebest or use the hashtag #JCIBOB when posting an image on Instagram.

As always, thanks for the business.


Frank Toms

VP Sales & Marketing