Just Being Frank

August 28, 2017

Just Being Frank…

Rewind The VHS, Frank!

The internet has been getting bashed around quite a bit lately. Fake news, information overload, and the worry about social media negatively impacting society are constant topics. So, in the spirit of spreading a positive view of technology, let’s rewind the tape some 20 years ago back when a mouse was still a rodent and not a computer peripheral device.

When I was finishing up my MBA at the University of Texas, I was able to get an early glimpse of how technology was going to make a HUGE impact on education. I was part of a pilot program called Distance Learning Technologies – aka “DLT”. The program catered to busy execs and road warrior sales folks like me who were pursuing an MBA while working.

In a nutshell, I was emailed a course syllabus at the beginning of the semester and every week received a VHS tape of the previous week’s lecture via FedEx. My roomie once recorded a show over one of my lectures. It cost me like $30 bucks to have another one FedExed to me! I can finally laugh about it now…

I kept in touch with the professor weekly via email and assignments were emailed back using Wordperfect for white papers or Lotus if it was a spreadsheet (for you millennials out there who don’t have a clue what those software programs are, Google them). All of the students in the program thought it was amazing! No making the 45-minute drive to campus and dealing with parking, no lousy cafeteria coffee, and no sitting in class trying to concentrate past the guy with a loud Walkman (if needed, Google Walkman too). The best part, without a doubt, was being in control of my schedule. The ability to study where and when I wanted was liberating. I’m sure people don’t bat an eye about online education today, but 20 years ago this was really cutting edge stuff!

I feel the exact same way about the Jeffrey Court CEU online course. The course was only published a few months ago but it has already made a big impact. To date, we’ve had hundreds of people take the course and we’re seeing the number of participants increasing every week now that word is spreading about its convenience.

I’m a numbers guy. I think about the thousands of hours our loyal followers in the Architectural and Design community have been able to save by not dedicating an entire evening to a CEU event. Being a dad, I like to think about how many of our kid’s sports / dance / music activities have been attended in lieu of a CEU. It makes me feel good that we’ve helped folks get their required CEUs and freed up personal time by using technology.

For more info about how you can earn a CEU, visit our website at www.jeffreycourt.com/ceu.

As always, thanks for the business.


Frank Toms

VP Sales & Marketing

Jeffrey Court has partnered with AEC daily and industry experts to build a course titled “The In’s and Outs of Decorative Tile & Stone.” This 1-hour course is recognized by numerous organizations including the NKBA, ASID, AIA, and dozens more! The best part is that it is hosted completely online! Thanks to AEC Daily’s robust platform that hosts educational forums, tests, and reports CEU’s electronically, our CEU is accessible anytime that you are! Maintain your license or certification today!