Just Being Frank

March 2, 2017

Just Being Frank…

“Good Design Should Be Honest.” – Ferdinand Porsche

A little statistical fact… 85% of what we sell at Jeffrey Court was created from scratch or received a much needed update in the last five years. To say that our line was a little tired is an understatement to say the least. I distinctly remember a designer comment to me years ago that Jeffrey Court had “granny tile.” Ouch! No disrespect to the grandmas out there, but I’m glad those days are in the past. Flash forward to 2017…. I’m incredibly fortunate to have three amazing ladies on our design team who keep me on my toes with their fresh ideas, sense of humor, and collaborative approach.

Megan, Susan, and Haifa do a fantastic job creating products that are the perfect balance of what is practical and what is beautiful. Truth be told, I’m a bit jealous of their artistic and creative talents. I struggle to draw anything beyond a stick man, his stick wife, and really cute stick kid.

The above quote from Mr. Porsche is a great reflection of how our team approaches the design process. The ladies are very comfortable with the honest truth that our customers look to Jeffrey Court to be that “bread and butter” decorative line that is sold day in and day out. The team has mastered the art of creating beautiful products at realistic price points over and over again. A few great examples of their work includes the incredibly popular color palette of Chapter 2, the unique and beautiful handcrafted glass droplet and elongated hex patterns in Chapter 1, and the recent refresh of Chapter 17 with the re-creation of our tumbled bar tile. I could go on and on…    

Honest design will continue in 2017 with three new chapters that will continue to stand the test of time and the test of the pocketbook. Want to see them? Stop by the Jeffrey Court booth at Coverings for a sneak peek. Join us all day for a bite to eat, a libation, and visit with these incredible ladies.

As always, thanks for the business.


Frank Toms

VP Sales & Marketing