Just Being Frank

June 1, 2017

Just Being Frank…

The Tale of Touch Board 16319

I get a real kick out of the compliments that I get regarding our merchandising – I hear time and time again that we have the most attractive and comprehensive merchandising package in the industry. The reason I get such enjoyment out of your comments is because I know how much effort, energy, and pride goes into the making of our boards and sample cards. You see, I have the benefit of having names and faces associated with Touch Board number BB16319 that is in your showroom.  

On any given day, that board BB16319 may have been made by Josefina who has been at Jeffrey Court for 21 years. She is a grandmother of three who has a permanent smile that can turn a bad day completely on its end. 

Maybe board BB16319 was made by Anna who has also been here for over 20 years. She can handle a tile saw like nobody’s business and STILL rock the awesome looking nails. Don’t take my word for it, the picture below proves it!

Perhaps Carmen knocked out that board. She has been here for over 7 years and I would put her up against any tile setter out there when it comes to doing detailed, intricate work. She has a singing voice like an angel and is one of the kindest people I have ever met.

Anyone in the team could have made board BB16319 and you or I would not know the difference because they all work to one standard. In total, our merchandising team consists of 10 superstars who crank out the work and let the results do the speaking for them: 120,000+ Touch Boards, 10,000+ Architectural Cards, and several thousand Montage Boards. Pile on top of those numbers all of the custom boards that they make for photography boards, studio sets, and more.

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The bottom line is that I admire this group of people immensely. They are dedicated to Jeffrey Court and our customers, enjoy each other’s company, and have a sense of humility that is uncommon in this dog-eat-dog world. Not to mention that it would be next to impossible to do our collective jobs without them. 

So now you know why I will be sporting a big smile the next time I get a raving review about our industry-leading merchandising program.  

As always, thanks for the business.


Frank Toms

VP Sales & Marketing