Just Being Frank

June 1, 2016

Just Being Frank…

Welcome to the inaugural Jeffrey Court Quarterly! Can you believe that half of 2016 is OVER?!  I’m in utter disbelief—New Year’s Eve seems like it was just last month.  According to most people that I talk to, the general feeling that the passing of time is accelerating is due to the fact that we are all so busy.  Based on the not so distant memory of just a few years ago, I will gladly take the busy and be very grateful.

Thanks to so many of you who came by our booth at Coverings and shared your positive comments about what and how we are doing at Jeffrey Court. Your comments reinforced my belief that we are on target when it comes to the right products, service, stock, and marketing.

One initiative keeping us very busy these days is the production and release of Jeffrey Court University. The feedback has been incredible! These videos are an effective training tool for new and seasoned showroom staff AND have become a very powerful marketing piece. I have already been told of cases where customers walked into a showroom looking specifically for Chapter 2 because they fell in love with the collection after watching the video online.  Mission accomplished!

To date, we have released Chapters 1 & 2, with Chapter 3 in the hopper ready to be released shortly. We have also recently completed the filming of Chapters 9, 10, 12, and 16. Our goal is to have the entire Jeffrey Court collection “in the can” by the end of the year.  The Jeffrey Court University channel on YouTube is throwing some serious competition to Taylor Swift! 

Thanks for your business and support. I hope the second half of 2016 continues to be a successful one for you.


Frank Toms

VP Sales & Marketing