JKath Design Build

February 28, 2019

Kitchen Backsplash: Quick + Easy Refresh

Guest post by Katie Kath of JKath Design Build

Not all renovation projects need to be time consuming and messy. As a matter of fact, cosmetic upgrades are attainable and can be easier on the budget while achieving similar goals as a full renovation, like a quick and easy kitchen backsplash. When our clients called stating they recently purchased a home in Minnesota and were moving from the East coast, they shared necessary updates were in order. Nothing too exhaustive and a project easy on the budget.

We were able to gain access to the home just before the client closed on the property and helped guide the updates we viewed essential to add value and design improvements to this space. The cabinets were in great condition and we knew this was a piece we could leave in place and workaround.

We’re also excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Jeffrey Court tile. We’re honored to come alongside the crafted collections of tile and the design possibilities of Jeffrey Court. Bringing quality and boutique products into our clients’ homes is a part of our brand aesthetic.

And we knew the kitchen backsplash was the easiest place to start for this project.

The tile we chose is from the Chapter 18 Rotunda collection, 2 x 10 Chevron Mosaic in Calacatta Gold. This was a beautiful and obvious selection to pair with the dark alder cabinets.

Here is a before image to see how far this space came in just 4 short weeks. We hope you enjoy it as much as our clients.

Stay tuned for many more tile collaborations with Jeffrey Court! We have two more completed reveals headed your way. 

 xo, katie + Jesse