Chapter 1 – Suite Glass

A concerted effort was made to make Chapter 1 – Suite Glass a unique, groundbreaking glass tile and mosaic program.

Chapter 2 – Vintage Studio

Chapter 2 Vintage Studio® embraces the nostalgia of the traditional 3” x 6” subway tile and expands upon that tradition, modernizing the classic look, to offer additional sizes and an array of colors that attract today’s customer.

Chapter 3 – Stream Stone

Known for its neutral color palette and understated contemporary flair, Chapter 3 – Stream Stone is a staple at Jeffrey Court.

Chapter 4 – Via

Our aim was to create warm and inviting meeting spaces, outdoor lounging areas, and contemporary designs that pay homage to retro craftsmanship.

Chapter 6 – Reef Glass

Chapter 6 is a stunning collection of glass tiles and mosaics featuring a soft satin finish in a fresh color palette. As the name “Reef Glass” implies, the core of our design is to bring the feel of the coastline indoors by employing the soft and lustrous texture of beach glass.

Chapter 7 – Cubist

Strong geometric shapes and high contrast design are leading themes of the Cubism movement and are present in the tiles featured in this collection.

Chapter 8 – Europa Arte

Chapter 8 Europa Arte is a diverse line of European-made ceramics and porcelains. As the word “Arte” implies, the themes in this collection include a wide array of mediums typically used in art as well as points of inspiration derived from artisanal masterpieces.

Chapter 9 – Arroyo

Arroyo was inspired by a passion for the outdoors. From colors to patterns and textures, this collection features travertine and ceramic pieces symbolic of the natural elements you find in Mother Nature.

Chapter 10 – Eternal by Jeffrey Court

Eternal by Jeffrey Court is made up of seven mini-collections, that pay homage to key milestones throughout our history. Each mini collection features one-of-a-kind mosaics and stunning field tiles in an array of materials ranging from premiere marble stones, mother of pearl shell, glass, terrazzo, and handmade ceramics.

Chapter 11 – Align

Chapter 11 – Align features clean lines and geometric shapes in three distinct natural stones.

Chapter 12 – Ashland & Halsted

Drawing on inspiration from the heyday of American industry, we focused on elements that best represented that era.

Chapter 14 – The Press

Inspired by newsrooms from the early 20th century, The Press uses a hexagon shape to create designs and patterns found in the architecture and design of this time.

Chapter 15 – Classic Statuario

Classic Statuario is all about white statuario stone.

Chapter 16 – Park Place

Park Place is all about timeless beauty, elegance, and glamour.

Chapter 17 – Atlas

Known for its beautiful crackle glaze, Atlas is the go-to handcrafted ceramic lineup of the Jeffrey Court collections.

Chapter 18 – Rotunda

Symmetrical shapes, geometric patterns, and orderly style were among the elements derived from neoclassical influence.


Reservoir is a concise line of 6” x 24” porcelain panels produced in Northern Italy using the very latest 3-dimensional digital technology.

Specialty Brick

Our focus with this porcelain brick was to expand our lineup by offering the beauty of exposed, rustic brick famously associated with modern loft design.

Pool by Jeffrey Court

Pool by Jeffrey Court is a specialty collection of glass mosaic pool tile and porcelain pavers that work together to create an elevated and unique outdoor space. Water connects us, whether by the pool or across the sea, and we wanted a collection that represented that unity. Our glass mosaic tiles are handmade and the patterns were designed by our in-house development team, making them a unique addition to your favorite gathering space. The porcelain pavers round out the collection by adding an earthy and tranquil element to the glistening mosaics.

Essentials by Jeffrey Court


Spec-09 was designed with the architect and commercial space in mind. Our products contain a mix of textures, finishes, and colors which are easy to maintain.  Using a mix of simplistic field tiles and mosaics with intricate designs, our products can be used in a variety of combinations to meet your specification needs.