Design Nationals

September 18, 2017

Million Dollar Baby

Congratulations to Danielle Robinson, Owner of Lake City Loft in Salt Lake City, Utah—2017 Design Nationals competition finalist.

In the hillside suburb of Draper, Utah laid an endless sea of native greenery waiting to become filled with life from a family to make it their home. Lake City Loft owner, Danielle Robinson soon became tasked with transforming the land into a beautiful 12,000 square-foot home for a family looking to build their forever home.

With the husband looking for a more modern approach to the kitchen, his wife wanted a page straight from a Pottery Barn catalog from 1995. Posing opposite ideas and style eventually the couple conceded to the trusting hands of Robinson.

Having the luxury of a blank canvas Robinson’s only requirement was to include a 60-inch Wolf Range oven to build the kitchen around as a focal point.

Adorning the top of the oven was Jeffrey Court’s Floral Imprint tile, artfully crafted and placed to complete the look and feel the family had wanted.

In the mountain-modern style home Robinson’s motto for the kitchen was “details without complication.”

“The Floral Imprint tile was the perfect choice for the kitchen,” said Robinson. “The tile brought in a more feminine feel with a warmth of color and detail that was really important to the overall look and feel.”

Once the family had seen the tile selection their love for it was instant, and without hesitation completed the installation.

Now complete, the family of six spends endless time huddled around the custom kitchen fit just for them making memories to last a lifetime.

With so many great features included in the kitchen, this million dollar baby went from blueprints to home in only two years.

The 2017 Design Nationals is a competition highlighting user submitted entries of Jeffrey Court tile installations. It is an opportunity for Dealers, Distributors, and Showrooms to showcase their best work to see how they rank amongst the industry’s top designers.