February 22, 2018

Trending Alert

Herringbone Tile!

Have you wondered about what trends are predicted for 2018? As designers, we love staying on top and ahead of trends to share what is on the up and up. Pinterest tipped us off to a tile trend (that we’ve always loved!) you just might want to add to your life this year. With access to consumer insights and interests we are able to get a deeper understanding into what people are drawn to.  Two words: herringbone tile!

This year, herringbone tile is projected to see an uptick in home decor. With an increase in pins saved, an upwards of +131% in 2017, our fellow designers and consumers have made it loud and clear that herringbone is a pattern that is growing in interest. Traditionally, the herringbone pattern is an arrangement of rectangles in a V-shaped pattern that resembles the bones of a fish, hence the inspired name.

Moreover, if you’re a fan of the classic subway tile pattern, herringbone is a nice transition into an edgier option. There are a variety of options and ways you can incorporate herringbone into projects. At Jeffrey Court, we offer a traditional Herringbone Styx pattern in Chapter 11- Align, with a color choice of shadow, pale or suede.

Finally, connect with one of our dealers to create your favorite herringbone pattern with a variety of tile options. Need some fresh Pinterest inspiration for the rooms you’re dreaming of tiling? Check out our Pinterest here!