May 4, 2018

Warm Tile, Warm Toes: The Best Floors for Cooler Climates

When you imagine planting your feet on tiled floor in the morning, your first instinct may be to step into slippers to avoid the jarring cold that hits your skin. As it turns out, introducing tile to colder climates is still possible thanks to the a variety of field tiles and mosaics offered in our Chapter’s, and floor heating technology. It may actually be more practical than wood, stone or linoleum in many climates tile stays cooler for those hot days, and can be heated for the colder days.

Compared with wood, vinyl and carpet, tile has a longer practical use timeline of 50 years compared to carpet’s 6 year lifetime. It is also better for people with allergies when compared to our fuzzy counterpart.

The needs and setting of the room will help narrow down flooring options for the best match. For underfloor, or radiant, heating, many of our products have the right balance and style and durability and can also transfer and maintain heat. When underfloor heating is a necessity, consider Specialty Brick. These tough as nails porcelain fields look great in bathroom and powder room installs and will transfer heat very well at 10 mm thick. Marble and other natural stone field tiles and mosaics are still viable options.

Visually, flooring style can warm a room regardless of the material. Large shapes and simple patterns can achieve the right balance of timeless character and distinction to a space.

Chapter 12 – Ashland & Halsted features a 1” hexagonal pattern in the shade Distressed. This matte porcelain is great for freshly showered toes. Distressed is the great balance of color without appearing cold: not too light, nor too dark.

When it comes down to it, placing warm flooring is a balance between functionality and style. To check out all of the Jeffrey Court products, visit the Products Archive to narrow down style, size and color to match your heated floor.

And to get the low down on all the benefits of tile, check out our free online CEU!