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For many travelers this season, the best destination might be one with all the comforts of home. According to Research and Markets, the vacation rental home industry is expected to be worth $169.7 billion by 2019, beating out hotel competition by offering a unique travel experience with convenience and style. The massive popularity of “staycation” agencies, including Airbnb and TripAdvisor, allows families to enjoy familiarity within a new destination or their annual summer retreat.

The home itself is more than just a place to sleep. It’s part of the staycation experience. A balance of personality and minimalism is crucial; guests want to see themselves in the design while also being impressed with their destination’s style. Your next project might need to fit the modern flare of its skyline backdrop or withstand snow boots and frost by the front door. With this in mind, vacation homes have big shoes to fill.

aybe your master bath needs to highlight a show-stopping spa tub or porcelain bath in your city condo rental. Consider a piece from Chapter 18 - Rotunda. Our honed white marble combines simplicity and elegance for a timeless yet regal look some rental properties may be in of tom complete the look and feel of the destination.

A summer getaway could be in need of soft neutrals, reminiscent of the shoreline. Simple yet classic pieces from Chapter 5 - Studio Gazette , or Chapter - 10 Breakwater may hold the the key to creating that ‘perfect charm.’

The natural stone and glass combinations from Chapter 9 - Pietra Opus might be just what you need for a cabins’ rustic but polished look. Our warm earth tones in Transitional Taupe or Light Emperador could complete the entryway of any cold escape.

Why is it so important for a vacation home design to really get it right? Although price and amenities are major factors in selecting a rental over a hotel, nearly 50 percent of renters seek the “at-home experience” and 70 percent look for spacious simplicity according to Rentals United.

So, whether your upcoming project is a custom design for a client’s seasonal getaway or a rental project in the city, it will need to offer the home away from home feeling that hotels just can’t compete with.

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