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Pictured: Jeffrey Court Headquarters - Norco, CA

Pictured: Jeffrey Court Headquarters – Norco, CA

Jeffrey Court’s story is one of entrepreneurial spirit, love of craft and dedication to innovation. Founded in 1991 by Jim and Janice Lawson, they set out to bring their love for hand painted tiles to the mainstream market.

In true innovator style the Lawson’s discovered a way to permanently affix hand-painted designs as decals on ready-made tiles. Needless to say Jeffrey Court tiles grew in popularity. Soon homebuilders were looking to include Jeffrey Court in their designer upgrade options. It was at that point that the Trade sale division of Jeffrey Court was born.

Today, Jeffrey Court now operates two distinct divisions; Trade/Designer and Retail Sales who’s combined SKU count is over 3,000. The retail division’s focus is a series of main-stream value driven products available through purchase only at The Home Depot®.

The Trade Sales Division focus is to bring cutting edge designer-minded products to the Architectural, Kitchen & Bath, and Interior Design communities alike. Our product designers work with a litany of interior designers, product developers, and industry insiders to deliver the very best products possible for our end consumers.

Since Jeffrey Court’s founding the cornerstone by which our products are built upon is our commitment to three core values: (1) Timeless & fashion forward design, (2) Constant product improvement, and (3) Dedication to our Trade & Retail Partners Success. This has allowed us to become leaders in the industry by: smartly combining different decorative elements, having a keen eye for inspired design, and a wide assortment of in-stock decorative tile, stone, glass and metals elements.

Pictured: Main Warehouse - Norco, CA

Pictured: Main Warehouse – Norco, CA

The Jeffrey Court Mission

Design and purvey the highest quality decorative tile, natural stone, metal, and glass elements that offer the best value possible for our customers.

Jeffrey Courts Key Strengths:

  • Superior Merchandising Programs
  • Dealer Incentive Programs
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • On-hand inventory for expedited order processing
  • Fashion forward designing
  • Continuous product improvement
  • Offer the highest quality fashion forward products at “realistic” price points
Pictured: Design Department

Pictured: Design Department

Find Your Dealer

Feeling lost? Don’t know what product is right for you, or you would like to see physical samples? Well have no fear! We have a countrywide network of dealers and distributors who are dedicated to making your tile dreams come true! Find one today!


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