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Front Page Feature: Jeffrey Court Unveils Chapter 14 The Press-
A Chronicle of Elegance

Norco, CA, March 14, 2024 — Jeffrey Court, a trailblazer in the world of tile design, proudly announces the launch of the enhanced Chapter 14 The Press®, redefining sophistication with four captivating new mosaic patterns and an on-trend Beige color option. Inspired by the chaos and simplicity of newsrooms from the early 20th century, this best-selling collection pays homage to the timeless elegance of this bygone era.

At the heart of Chapter 14 lie simple shapes – a 5/8” hexagon and 1/2” square – reminiscent of individual dots of ink set on paper by a printing press. These shapes, embodied in mosaic names like Daily, Union, Journal, Register, and Byline, pay homage to the architectural motifs found in the thresholds, entryways, and floors of the iconic newspaper buildings of yesteryears.

"At Jeffrey Court, we are thrilled to introduce the enhanced Chapter 14, which reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence in design. The Press is not just a tile collection; it's a journey through history, a nod to the journalistic greats, and a testament to the enduring elegance of design. Each mosaic pattern is a front-page story waiting to be told."

– Scott Hassman, President

Four new mosaic patterns are introduced to ignite creativity and elevate design aesthetics. Register, a classic plaid pattern crafted from 3/8” square mosaic chips, exudes timeless elegance, while Bulletin features 1/2” squares in a marble look, available in Marbled White, Marbled Grey, and Marbled Black. These add a nostalgic flair to any space. Byline Mosaic offers a versatile linear pattern using Marbled White squares accented with Marbled Black, perfect for creating borders or dynamic stripes. Finally, Journal presents a repeating hexagon pattern adorned with a floral motif, seamlessly blending all three marbled colors for a captivating visual experience.

Unlike the ceramics typically used in this era, The Press is solely made up of glass tile. Each piece is made using a pressing and firing technique akin to porcelain. This technique allows for a full-bodied matte color glass that adds an incredibly smooth finish to any installation. Its full-body and durable construction offer versatility and make these tiles suitable for floor and wall installations.

To further enhance its appeal, Jeffrey Court has lowered pricing for select existing mosaics, making Chapter 14 The Press even more desirable and accessible.

Find The Press at all Jeffrey Court Authorized Dealers in the U.S. and Canada and let the headlines of the past become the timeless stories of today’s designs.

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