Chapter eight

Europa Arte

Field Tile

Jeffrey Court University

Jeffrey Court University's installment of the "Europa Arte" collection is an overview of the basic design elements that comprise Chapter 8. Join our host, Mike, as he walks you through the Europa Arte collection.


Chapter Eight is a diverse line of European-made ceramics and porcelains. As the name “Arte” in “Europa Arte” implies, the themes carried on by this collection include a wide array of mediums: clay, paints, and textiles; As well as points of inspiration by which artisans would create their masterpieces. Together, these components make up the motif of this colorful and multifaceted chapter.

Chapter 8 Can be separated into two general categories: Porcelain, and Ceramic. All facets of the sub-series found in this line were sourced from Spain and Italy respectively.

  • Ceramic Products
    • Pennello Ceramic Series (Italy)
      • 4" x 16" ceramic field tiles have a subtle texture applied to them that simulate the delicate brushstrokes a painter would impress onto his work.
      • A balance of texture and color was sought as to not overpower any of the available six field colors with texture or vise versa.
      • 4" x 16" field tiles are available in six colorways: Cotone, Creama, Latte, Delfino, Minta, and Brezza.
    • Artista Ceramic Series (Spain)
      • 3" x 6" ceramic field tiles designed to have a rich handmade texture representative of the soft indentations made by an artisan hand pressing clay into its desired final form.
      • 3" x 6" field tiles are available in five colorways: Paloma, Pardo, Rica, Agave, and Carmelo.
      • Corresponding 5/8" x 11-3/4" ramp edges (bullnose sticks) are available in all five field colors to serve as a finishing piece for exposed tile edges.
      • Single complementary porcelain "Artista Octagon" mosaic available in "Blanco" (white) and is suitable for: interior floor, shower floor, shower wall and interior wall applications.
  • Porcelain Products
    • Acquerello Porcelain Series (Italy)
      • 6" x 6" Porcelain field tiles available in two distinct options: Solids and Patterns
      • Durable porcelain construction makes them suitable for both floor & wall applications.
      • Corresponding 5/8" x 6" domes (pencil mouldings) are available in all four field colors to serve as a trim, transition or finishing piece.
      • Corresponding 3/8" x 6" ramp edges (bullnose sticks) are available in all four field colors to serve as a finishing piece for exposed tile edges.
      • Solids
        • 6" x 6" Porcelain field options available in solid color options: Fresco, Urban, Cielo, Giardino.
        • Care was taken to ensure that the solids maintained a level of character typically found in aged art pieces. One of the main points of emphasis for Acquerello was to maintain an effect of gently laid watercolors.
      • Patterns
        • In total there are 9 available options for the Acquerello Patterns comprised of three patterns in three colorways.
        • Patterns available are: Palermo…Florence…and Verona, each of which are available in: Urbano, Cielo and Giardino.
      • Fabrica Porcelain Series (Spain)
        • 3" x 17" porcelain field tiles carry a dynamic, true-to-life textile texture.
        • Available in four colorways: Muslin, Hemp, Chenille, and Tweed.
        • These field options are sure to easily find their way into any interior motif in need of a soft textile texture alongside a durable porcelain construction.
        • Durable porcelain construction makes them suitable for both floor & wall applications.
        • There are no trim pieces available for this series. Mitering of corners or tile edging systems are recommended for turning corners or finishing the exposed edges of a tile installation.

Please see application listed on each product specific web page on

The marketing and merchandising of this collection is supported by 7 Montage Boards, 10 Touch Boards, and 15 Sample Cards which aid in displaying the full product line. All of these point-of-purchase materials are accompanied by the Chapter 8 Europa Arte catalog. Showroom installation and loose sample pieces can also be ordered at a discounted price.

Blending and Shade Variation

  • In general, Chapter 8 Europa Arte is classified as having a shade variation rating of 2 “Moderate.” Blending of products from multiple cartons is highly recommended to ensure a proper uniform look. All issues pertaining to shade variation should be addressed prior to installation. Use constitutes acceptance.


  • It is recommended that a wet saw be used to cut the products found in this collection. To achieve the best cutting results, use a professional grade, high-speed wet saw outfitted with a new diamond blade specific for ceramic/porcelain.

Setting Materials, Sealers, and Grouts

  • A high-quality thinset is recommended for best installation results.
  • As per the Tile Council of North America (TCNA): "For cementitious grout, joints smaller than 1/8" generally should only be grouted with unsanded grout, and joints of 1/8" and larger should only be grouted with sanded grout."
  • Grout color is part of the design process and considerations must be made. A grout choice closest to the color and hue of the panel being grouted can be considered the safest choice.