1 – Suite Glass

Chapter One

A concerted effort was made to make Chapter 1 – Suite Glass a unique, groundbreaking glass tile and mosaic program. 

2 – Vintage Studio

Chapter Two

Vintage Studio represents the intersection between classic vintage style and progressive out-of-the-box thinking & design.

3 – Stream Stone

Chapter Three

Known for its neutral color palette and understated contemporary flair, Chapter 3 – Stream Stone is a staple at Jeffrey Court.

4 – Via

Chapter Four

Our aim was to create warm and inviting meeting spaces, outdoor lounging areas, and contemporary designs that pay homage to retro craftsmanship.

5 – Studio Gazette

Chapter Five

Studio Gazette lends itself to design styles ranging from clean and sleek to retro-inspired design and is characterized by its simplicity.

6 – Reef Glass

Chapter Six

7 – Crossroads

Chapter Seven

A beautiful compilation of natural stone colors are now masterfully combined with our crushed glass selections to create (28) beautiful mosaics, (7) 6” x 18” field tiles, and (12) moulding elements.

8 – Europa Arte

Chapter Eight

Chapter 8 can be separated into two general categories: Porcelain, and Ceramic. All facets of the sub-series found in this line were sourced from Spain and Italy respectively.

9 – Pietra Opus

Chapter Nine

Boasting a color palette of sourced stones from all over the world as well as 27 mosaics and 2 field tile sizes, Pietra Opus is sure to satisfy the taste of those seeking elegant beauty.

10 – Breakwater

Chapter Ten

Breakwater offers a timeless organic color palette fittingly named Sail, Sunlight, Sea, Breeze, Sand, and Mist.

11 – Align

Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11 – Align features clean lines and geometric shapes in three distinct natural stones.  

12 – Ashland & Halsted

Chapter Twelve

Drawing on inspiration from the heyday of American industry, we focused on elements that best represented that era.

14 – Duality

Chapter Fourteen

The name “Duality” represents the contrast of its main elements: stone and glass, as well as the shape and make-up of the mosaics themselves.

15 – Classic Statuario

Chapter Fifteen

Classic Statuario is all about white statuario stone.  

16 – Park Place

Chapter Sixteen

Park Place is all about timeless beauty, elegance, and glamour.

17 – Atlas

Chapter Seventeen

Known for its beautiful crackle glaze, Atlas is the go-to handcrafted ceramic lineup of the Jeffrey Court collections.

18 – Rotunda

Chapter Eighteen

Symmetrical shapes, geometric patterns, and orderly style were among the elements derived from neoclassical influence.

Specialty Brick


Our focus with this porcelain brick was to expand our lineup by offering the beauty of exposed, rustic brick famously associated with modern loft design.



Reservoir is a concise line of 6” x 24” porcelain panels produced in Northern Italy using the very latest 3-dimensional digital technology. Available in three natural stone & two wood look options, these incredibly realistic porcelain panels are perfectly suited for interior and exterior wall applications in both residential and commercial applications.

53rd Avenue

53rd Avenue

Our wide selection of artisan tiles allows you to add a personal pop to any living environment.